Welcome to Darwin Labs

We are proud to announce the launch of Clear360, an innovative Health & Safety Automation solution to protect campuses & workplaces.

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Darwin is a Digital Health Innovation Lab

We are building a new software category. We call it: Organization Health & Safety Automation™

The Future of Health & Safety lies in Digital Innovation

Our mission is to dramatically improve health & safety within organizations through technology automation

We Turn Ideas Into Designs

We apply design & systems thinking to hard problems worth solving

We Prototype

Ideas are visualized into sketches, interfaces and mockups

We Test & Listen

We discover what works best by paying careful attention to what our customers & users want

We Learn & Adapt

We create exceptional outcomes through ongoing iteration & optimization

We Caffeinate & Code

We hire smart people and help to unleash their potential

We Harness Data, A.I. & Cloud

We leverage unlimited computing and storage to build high capacity systems

We Launch & Scale

We launch new health products into markets & position them for rapid growth