Put Team & Workplace
Safety on Autopilot

Guardian is a privacy-first Enterprise Health Management solution. It helps businesses prevent infections, manage employee health and respond effectively to workplace health crises.

Reopen Your Workplace Safely With Guardian


Avert a crisis before it unfolds with real-time employee health monitoring.


Stay connected with private health check-ins, in-app messaging & health risk alerts.


Automatically determine work-readiness in compliance with Health Regulations.

Complete Enterprise Health Management Solution

Guardian provides HR teams with a complete solution to keep employees & workplaces safe from health risk.

Employee App

Allows you to easily monitor employee health & collect symptom data.

Private Health Cloud

Automatically analyzes employee submitted health data.

Health Center for HR

Provides HR teams with a real time view of individual, team & organizational health risk.

Privacy Comes Standard

Employees should never have to choose between Safety, Health & Privacy. Our transparent policies earn team trust.

Privacy Compliance

  • Guardian meets (and exceeds) relevant health & private data regulations
  • Guardian complies with employment and human rights legislation

Data Stewardship

  • Least amount of personal health data is collected and never sold to third parties
  • Health data and insights are only shared with authorized HR administrators.

Anonymized Profiles

  • GuardianIDs ensure employee identity is masked for day to day reporting
  • Employee names are only revealed if someone tests positive


  • Guardian deletes all personally identifiable health data every 30 days
  • Non-work related location data is deleted immediately

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